Three distinct game modes allow players to achieve unique sets of economic rewards.
  • Training Mode: This mode offers new players the opportunity to choose their dream characters, play roles, and kill monsters. But, no reward is expected.
  • PVP Ranking: Fight against each other to get $RBX tokens and upgrade their levels to receive $RBX tokens and also mystery boxes which will be published in the form of unique game items. Moreover, there are Weekly and Monthly Competitions with token prizes for TOP players on the Leaderboards. Players reaching level 5 can be ranked. While losers will have rank points deducted, winners will receive level and rank points. RBX tokens will be sent to players who increase their rank level only. 2 players will have a Token bet agreement, the winner will receive the loser's RBX token.
  • PVE Mode: Whether you construct your own rooms or be automatically matched with folks of the same skill levels, you/your team will fight with one another through a betting arrangement in $RBX. The amount of $RBX gambled will be held and temporarily locked after the match. Winners will have to pay 5% of the transaction fee token to get that token prize.