How To Get $RBX

MetaRoboX World’s currency is $RBX which can be owned in these ways below:

  • Play to Earn: Users joining quests and PvP battles will receive $RBX as reward. There are 6 rank levels in the game. Players will fight to reach a certain level to be rewarded with $RBX. If you want to receive more rewards, the only way is to get a higher rank.
  • Farming: Players can contribute $RBX to the liquidity pool and receive interest based on the amount of tokens contributed.
  • Staking $RBX to achieve a lot of game items including cards and mystery boxes then use/upgrade those items or sell them on NFT marketplace. The upgraded blind box means a greater possibility of getting precious items including rare cards.
  • Staking NFT base: staking base can increase not only the number of trained gift boxes and cards but also the training speed. Base owners can earn profits from training other player’s cards and gift boxes.